Monday, July 18, 2011

SugarSlam 2011!

There is a blog I follow and love called Bake and destroy Well...Natalie Slater from Bake and Destroy has an online wrestling theme baking contest called Sugarslam. I was so excited to enter! Not being much of a wrestling fan..I had to do some research. I decided to make The One Man Band chocolate cake with Heath Bar filling. Heath Slater's signature move is the I made a "flap cake" cake with a gum paste figure of Heath Slater. My second entry was Triple H, Triple layer, Triple Chocolate cake with a gum paste figure of Triple H. Viewers choice is going on NOW until Friday,so feel free to go on over to Bake and Destroy and vote!

And now to do some catching up from the past month:

Pirate cake with gumpaste chain, sword and coins

Father's Day cookies (man..I need to update more often! I'm slacking) Check out for some amazing cookies and tutorials!

Baby shower cake made to match the Pottery Barn's Nursery Bedding, Hayley with matching cookies:

 Baby shower cake with fondant baby Butt

80's style cake with sunglasses, zebra stripes
Anniversary cake

Another Rose Cake....this is my new Go-To cake for family. I LOVE this technique! Check out I am Baker for the tutorial!

My FAVORITE dessert..well one of them anyways! Lemon Bars with fresh fruit

These were red velvet cupcakes I made for 4th of July...Red , white and blue