Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I took a trip back to West Texas this past weekend...and since I'm too scared to travel 6 hours with cakes for my old clients, I offer to take cookie orders instead. I used to not enjoy cookie decorating NEAR as much as cake decorating. It seemed to take Foreverrrrrr! I could knock out a 3 tier cake in the time it took me to do a few dozen cookies (ok maybe that's a tad exagerated!) It seems I've done more cookies lately since moving here, so I'm gettting faster and starting to dig it more. I used tutorials from SugarBelle on 2 of these..the Camo and the Tie Dyed. I posted links below

Mother's Day cookies

 I LOVE how these turned out! If someone were to get me Mother's Day cookies...I would want it to be these. Luckily, my Bestie, Miki, liked the idea of a mom style tattoo cookie for her I got to make these! YAY

Tie Dye cookies
and here is the tutorial from Sugarbell:

 Toy Story and Jessie style cookies

Camo Cookies
Tutorial by Sugarbelle here: